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Air conditioning Specifications plays a role in determining the type, size and power of the ideal Aircon solution for the area that needs to be cooled or in some cases heated. Whether it should be single units or seperate indoor and outdoor units, portable aircons or air conditioning systems with one outdoor unit to service several rooms, there are many choices available which are economical in operation for any private, corporate or commercial environment.

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CR Brown Air Conditioning Services supply, install, maintain and repair air conditioners from reliable and well-known brands which offer comprehensive after-sales back-up with ongoing technical assistance. We also supply basic aircon parts and spares to repair old fixtures and upgrade other existing air conditioning systems.


A few factors to consider for new air conditioning solutions would include the amount and type of windows and other appliances or machinery in the room, the type of insullation an area has, window coverage such as curtains, trees or blinds which cuts down on system and energy requirements and new advances in economical air conditioning systems.

To find out more about new airconditioners to service your requested area or to get a second opinion about the best options and prices available, contact us to make an appointment for an assessment of your specific requirements and receive a quote on the suggested options.

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