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Innovation in water heating continues, with emphasis placed on energy efficiency. Due to the constant expanding range of products available, get advice and choose the right water heating system and solution.

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Heat Pumps can reduce your water heating bill by up to 75%

Water Heater
  • As the electricity price increases, the need to reduce electrical consumption is becoming more and more critical. Water heaters can be used in a wide range of applications from domestic to industrial instillations. Outputs range from 2.8kW to 77kW and larger capacities can be achieved by coupling mutiple units together. Elecrtical Heater: 1kw in = 1kW out, with heat pump technology 1kw in = up to 3.5kw out!
Energy Saving to Hotel Schools and Hospitals
  • Huge Electrical Savings.
  • Heats regardless of weather, not dependant on sunlight as with solar.
  • Built in timer and remote control.
  • Heat water up to 60 °C.
  • Operated in ambient temperatures from 10 °C - 43 °C.
  • Simple new installations and retro fits.
  • Nationwide backups.
Boiler vs Water Heater
  • The above graph is taken from an actual test study where water heaters replaced boilers in a prominent South African boarding School. In the first recorded test period, the boiler used 1742kW of electricity. At a cost of 72 cents per kW, the boiler cost the School R1253.24 for five days use. In the second recorded test period, a water heater had been installed to replace the boiler. The water heater used 655kW of electricity at a cost of R471.60 for the five days meaning a saving of R781.64 per five day week. A saving of 62.4% was realized.

Working Principle

  • A standard 3kW geyser (150 litre) running for a 24 hour period would cost approx. R64.80. The heat pump equivalent (150) running for a 24 hour period would cost approx R21.60 with a saving of R43.20 per 24 hour cycle
Heating Capacity 2.8kW 5kW 10kW 38kW
Power Consumption 0.81 1.1 2.5 0.3
Coefficient of Power 3 3.87 4 4.2
Ambient Operating Conditions °C -7 to 43 -7 - 43 - 10 to 43 - 10 to 43
Water Outlet Temperature °C 40 - 55 42 - 55 up to 60 up to 60
Hot Water output litres per hour 58 100 200 750

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