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Innovation in air conditioning technologies continues, with emphasis placed on energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality. Due to the constant expanding range of products available, get advice and choose the right air conditioning solution.

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CR Brown Air Conditioning Services, a Tshwane (Pretoria) based Company, are suppliers of reliable air conditioners, parts and spares covering all major brands, and offer their services as Installation Specialists of cost-effective and economical air conditioning solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial purposes.

Our dedicated team of professional technicians service, maintain and repair new air conditioning systems and replace older units with technologically advanced indoor air conditioning solutions.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your air conditioning system, install a new air conditioner or need repairs done to existing features, technical assistance is always available, and reliable staff will assist you in finding the best solution to the most complex environments and air conditioning problems.

  • Residential

    Domestic cost-effective, eco-friendly and energy efficient air conditioning for rooms, home workshops and studios are considered to be be a necessity in many cases more than just a luxury. Economical air conditioning provides comfortable indoor temperatures during either hot or cold weather, ensuring not only personal comfort, but also to dehumidify the air in a room.
  • Commercial

    Air conditioning in reception areas, conference rooms, offices and shops creates a comfortable and pleasant environment where clients and potential customers are introduced to your business. A good ventilated working environment keeps workers motivated and attentitive which increases the level of productivity. The right type of air conditioning is essential to achieve the ideal temperature in a workplace, increases the workflow and has an impact on the overall success of a company.
  • Industrial

    Effective and economical air conditioning systems are vital in workshops and factories operating large machinery to dehumidify and extract heat from an area. Warehouses with large stock quantities needs good ventilation and airflow to protect the contents against climate and seasonal changes while new technology air conditioning systems distributes clean air to employees working in industrial environments.

To find out more about our services or if you would like to get a second opinion on the best air conditioning options for your required space, contact us and we will send someone to look at your specific requirements and suggest the best solution. Receive a quote on the suggested options and be sure of all the details before any work gets done!

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